• Gormanston 2016
    We have some excite new courses content available for 2016. We also welcome some new and exciting tutors to Gormanston
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  • Love & Hate in Shakespeare with Rod Goodall
    Love and hate are the source of a range of actions and experiences from the most heroic to the most vicious, the most ecstatic to the most painful, the most sublime to the most ridiculous.
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  • Imagine: Taking The First Steps with Aoife Spillane-Hinks
    This course is designed to equip students with a grounding in the fundamentals of acting and directing, and to encourage their creative instincts.
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  • Staging Female Voices with Tanya Dean
    This course is designed to expand students’ personal library of female playwrights as well as their own skills as performers.
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  • Improvisation & How to be truly creative on stage with Kevin Dowsett
    This course teaches the skills of improvisation in a down to earth, fun way and introduces the important concept that improvisation lies between the performers. It is therefore alive to the moment.
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  • Playwriting with Tara McKevitt
    Using drama exercises to help students explore playwriting in a fun, safe, creative environment, each participant will write their own short play during the course of the week’s workshops.
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Gormanston Annual Drama Summer course is for adults of all ages with an interest in acting, directing and drama and theatre in general, including musical theatre. It is suitable for those with experience and beginners. It is a week long residential course in the secluded, peaceful escape of Gormanston Castle and park. For many years, the Gormanston Drama Summer School has been organised and operated by husband and wife team, Eamonn and Freda O’Donoghue. They have devoted their time and talents to ensuring the highest standard of excellenc...

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