Buses from Dublin Airport

Gormanston - Bus from Dublin airport
  We got a question from someone travelling from Spain for Gormanston 2017 and they were wondering about public transport to Gormanston. Thankfully, there are lots of options. There are lots of regular buses each day from Dublin Airport passing Gormanston. The person attending was worried as the bus times for August did not seem to be published. They may not be published now put the...
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CPD Course for Teachers, Approved for EPV Days

We are delighted to announce that the Gormanston Drama Summer School 2017 will provide a Department of Education and Skills CPD course for teachers, approved for EPV Days. The course offers an immersive, fun week of singing and learning. During the week, teachers will get the opportunity to develop their skills and techniques and teaching process to apply in the school a...
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New facilities at Gormanston Park

Those of you who have been attending Gormanston Drama Summer School for many years will have noticed that the college facilities and accommodation have been getting some welcome upgrades over the past number of years. The college is now in a position to provide a much higher standard of accommodation and there has also been a higher quality of the food on offer over the past number of years. T...
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